Silky smooth buttercream

So I get a lot of questions about my buttercream, even more so on my real time piping videos on Instagram. So how do I get it so smooth?

There's no secret! All I do is beat room temperature unsalted butter for at least five minutes by itself in my KitchenAid! I tend to make my buttercream in batches, often beating 500g of butter and adding 1kg of icing sugar to make a batch of 1.5 kg buttercream.

I'm based in the UK so I switch between butters, using Tesco own brand unsalted butter, Sainsburys own brand unsalted butter and recently I've started using Muller butter

I also switch between sugars, using Aldi brand icing sugar, Whitworths icing sugar from Poundland or Tate & Lyle from Tesco.

I use Dr Oetker vanilla bean paste to flavour my buttercream for vanilla buttercream (from Tesco), and used to have to add drops of milk to get a smoother consistency, but recently I've not had to - it must be the room temperature butter working wonders!

I hope this helps, if you have any questions let me know and I'll answer them below! x

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