Colouring buttercream

Hi guys! So I get lots of questions on Instagram about how I colour my buttercream, so I thought I'd try to explain my method here.

I tend to use Rainbow Dust Pro Gel food colouring which I buy from Vanilla Valley online or on eBay. 💻

I let the buttercream come to room temperature if it had been refrigerated, and separate out into individual bowls.

I got hold of some really useful 15cm 1 litre bowls from The Range for 49p! Details below.

I then use a cocktail stick to colour the buttercream. Don't squeeze it straight into the bowl - I use a small amount on the cocktail stick, dip it into the buttercream, and then mix thoroughly. Once it's worked in I let the colour develop for about an hour.

I use Cupcake Jemma's cling film method to prepare my piping bag -

and then I pipe away!

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to answer them! X

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