Afternoon tea at the Blakemore Hotel, Hyde Park, London

Hi guys! So if you follow me on Instagram - @fareenascakes - you'll know it was my 26th birthday last weekend and I went for afternoon tea at the Blakemore Hotel in Hyde Park.


The booking

I found the Blakemore Hotel online, after I'd spent some time researching afternoon tea options in London. I'll be completely honest and admit I'd never heard of it before but the pictures online looked nice enough so we thought we'd check it out.

We drove into London, and were booked in for 16:00. You may find it useful to know that on street parking is free on a Saturday after 13:30 so we were able to park right outside! Lazy I know considering we should have worked off those calories! In my defence, the weather is terrible in January in the UK, and on this particular Saturday it was raining...


The tea

We arrived on time and were shown to our seats by a lovely member of staff who took our tea orders.

The Blakemore offer traditional English Tea, Earl Grey, Green Tea and a selection of fruit and herbal tea. We went for English tea & hot chocolate.

The restaurant was quiet at 16:00 and we got a table by the window. It was very serene and quiet for the first hour or so, but it certainly livened up by 17:00!

I don't actually drink tea so I'm used to paying for a hot chocolate as this is never usually included, so I was chuffed that hot chocolate was included here! Doesn't it look yummy?

Our afternoon tea was prepared and came out shortly after our drinks arrived. We went for the vegetarian option as unfortunately the Blakemore don't offer a Halal option.

The sandwiches were perfect, they tasted fresh and yummy - what more could you ask for? We scoffed them within minutes. There were four flavours and eight sandwiches in a set up for two. We had cucumber & chive cream cheese on white bread, egg mayonnaise with watercress & smoked sea salt on white bread, cheese & tomato and one other option (I forgot the last one but ask me anything about the sweet treats as I remember every last detail!).


The sweet treats!

The clotted cream and jam came out in small pots, garnished with edible flowers. I was surprised by the variety of sweet treats of offered as I only expected three options at most.

  • The scones were sultana and were really rather tasty - again tasted fresh and were so soft.

  • Flavoured macarons (strawberry, vanilla, caramel, chocolate) which were to die for! This is the first time I've ever tasted macarons! Can't believe what I've been missing, I will be making them very soon at home and will share my experiences on here - the bad and the good, so stay tuned.

  • The homemade brownie was so gooey and fudgey - the perfect consistency in my opinion. I ate mine along with the fresh strawberries provided.

  • The lemon drizzle cake was so moist and light, I could have done with a few more squares if I'm being honest (and greedy!)

It honestly tasted fabulous - I have no complaints at all and can't recommend the Blakemore Hotel enough. We enjoyed our afternoon tea over the course of two hours.



Last but not least, the cost. Can you believe that this only cost £16.95 per person! In Hyde Park, in Central London, on a Saturday! It definitely is worth every penny and I cannot recommend it enough.

Visit the Blakemore Hotel's website for further details on how to book, and you can see further detail here at

Do let me know if you visit as I'm sure you'll love it! Feel free to post below in the comments.

Fareena x

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